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When deciding between an A/C replacement or repair, homeowners will need to think about if their cooling needs are being addressed using their existing unit. You may ask yourself:

  1. Is my air conditioner unit loud?
  2. Do I notice inconsistent temperatures and fluctuations in my home?
  3. Is the AC cooling my house as I expect it should?
  4. Why are my energy bills higher than my neighbor's house with the similar square footage?

Ordinarily, the further you mean to reside on your house, the more time you want to recover the cost of a new high-efficiency AC unit. When deciding to mend or replace your existing AC, homeowners need to assess their anticipated period of residence ownership by asking themselves the following questions:

  • Are you living in your "forever home"?
  • How long do you expect your current home to fit your lifestyle? (Getting married, having children, etc.)
  • Would a job change force you to relocate?
  • In how many years to you plan to sell your home?
  • Will a new energy-efficient air condition help sell your home if necessary?

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